I am a french digital & interactive designer currently living in London. I mainly work as a team with David Broner. We call ourselves DVTK. Together, we build digital experiments. You can check our common portfolio here.

kim@dvtk.us | Resume | Instagram | Studio Three - The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London | +447 481 538211

As Digital Art Director Designer of KENZO, I had the responsibility and pleasure of redesigning the brand’s official website. From the earliest stage of online strategy to the layouts, I’ve been working together with KENZO’s art department and digital teams. This close collaboration in order to design an e-shop which embraces the marketing needs in accordance with KENZO's aesthetics values.

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Homepage & Navigation Based on users' activity over the previous website, we have noticed that the use was rather different between mobile and desktop, even though the previous website was responsive. That is how we have redesigned a specific experience dedicated to mobile users: more driven towards shopping, less editorial unless the contents are mobile-friendly.
Product page At first glance: a full width picture and reachable eshop essential functionalities. On scrolling, the page reveals secondary contents such as cross-selling through the product's print, and then with related items.
Browse Collection by Print A playful interactive tool to discover the current prints.
Category Page Grid-based layout, displaying two view modes.


User Interface, Art Direction, Digital Design


KENZO in house team
Big Youth, Front Development
Itelios, E-commerce Integration
Catherine Uhlrich & Olivia Friedrich, Digital Designers