I am a french digital & interactive designer currently living in London. I mainly work as a team with David Broner, a 3D designer. We call ourselves DVTK. Together, we build digital experiments. You can check our common portfolio here.

kim@dvtk.us | Resume | Instagram | Studio Three - The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London | +447 481 538211

As Digital Art Director at KENZO, I managed the revamping of Kenzo.com from conception to design. In collaboration with KENZO’s art department and digital teams, my role was to ensure the new website embraces the marketing needs of an online shop while maintaining KENZO’S famous aesthetics values. I contributed to the development of the online strategy and was responsible for creating initial sketches, wireframes and designs from start to completion.

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Homepage.To put an end to the many external mini-sites "digital experiences", I've created an homepage able to embed all interactive contents, all directly redirected to the products. This in order to gather together editorials and product contents.
Product page.In order to have a smooth navigation between the product and its related contents, I've designed a fullscreen layout implemented through CSS 3D from the product to editorials, and then cross-selling.
Category page A single page layout to remove the usual fences between different type of products. The user can continuously navigate from a category to the other, in order to give him an overall preview of the collections which are always designed as a whole.
Browse Collection by Print Seasonal print designs have always been KENZO's signature. It had to be represented digitally as an inspiring but also functional tool. This mosaic permits to explore the collection in a fun and unique KENZO way.
Wireframes Designing the final layouts was incredibly interesting, but it was at least equally exciting to design the preliminary mockups and interactions.
Interactive Mockups I've made many rough motion designs to showcase and test the interactions I had in mind.


User Interface, Art Direction, Digital Design


KENZO in house team
Big Youth, Front Development & Motion
Itelios, E-commerce Integration
Olivia Friedrich, Digital Designer