I am a french digital & interactive designer currently living in London. I mainly work as a team with David Broner. We call ourselves DVTK. Together, we build digital experiments. You can check our common portfolio here.

kim@dvtk.us | Resume | Instagram | Studio Three - The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London | +447 481 538211

From 2013 to 2015, along with Kenzo's Art Department team, I have been working on a number of digital applications for the brand. Each season, a new collection is revealed and tells a new story. My aim was to develop interactive entertainments in accordance to these trends.
These projects were covering many and varied subjects — from patterns animations to ephemeral websites conducted in partnership with digital artists, through the building of a mechanical installation.
29th International Festival of Hyères.This project was designed by the Art Direction team at Kenzo. To build and program these machines, we had to gather together multiple skilled professionals from different fields such as metalwork (Lou Force), mechanical and electronic engineering (Philippe Boutin) but also computer programming.
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Eyes Secret Room,October 2013.
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Eyes Secret Room (Halloween version),October 2013.
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Amazing Indian Temples,November 2013.
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Happy Holidays,December 2013.
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Happy New Year,January 2014.
No Fish No Nothing,designed by OKFocus in March 2014.
Nailed it!November 2013. You may discover this project and many others on www.dvtk.us.