I am a french digital & interactive designer currently living in London. I mainly work as a team with David Broner. We call ourselves DVTK. Together, we build digital experiments. You can check our common portfolio here.

kim@dvtk.us | Resume | Instagram | Studio Three - The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London | +447 481 538211

I designed Alain Ducasse Chocolate Factory's eshop as a Digital Art Director at Blondie. We had the pleasure of visiting the factory before it has been opened to the public. The factory and the shop are only separated by a bay window, so that consumer are able to view the different manufacturing steps. This interior design gives a strong authenticity feeling inside the place. We aimed to create an online experience in line with this special atmosphere.


Art Direction, Digital Design


Blondie Paris
Olivia Friedrich, Digital Design